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“Know your limits, but never accept them.” – Author unknown

Posted by on Vel 22, 2012

There have been more than a few instances where my friends have pushed me beyond the limits that I had set for myself.

Last week I sent my dear English pupil a TED video by Richard St. John: The secrets of success in 8 words to practice her listening skills.  One of the 8 words is “push”.  And he explains how you must push yourself to succeed, adding “it’s not always easy to push yourself and that’s why they invented moms”.  So true that…

But they didn’t just invent moms to push you.  They invented another species that in some cases has more push than mom because sometimes mom doesn’t really know what the hell is going on in your life.  They invented friends.  And there have been more than a few instances where my friends have pushed me beyond the limits that I had set for myself.

I’ll never forget one Druyd rehearsal a very loooong way back, when we were working on “Magic Wood”.  Yr was picking around at his guitar and out of the blue asked, “can you sing a high C?”  I was taken aback at first and started laughing.  Once I got myself together I said, “no, I can’t”.  “Come on, try”, he said.  So I did.  Nothing came out the first time, second time, nor any time at that rehearsal.  But I practiced at home – pushing the wall, crouching down, doing the typical Werbeck stuff.  And then one day, finally, the high C came out.  And I can honestly say that if it weren’t for Yr, I most probably would still be singing up to A5 instead of (now) up to F6!

I won’t even go into how many countless times Du has inspired me to go beyond my musical limits or how my dear friend Davor has come to almost all my concerts and has even come busking with me (on a sub zero night I might add!).

But the latest “push” from a friend came from Boris Pecigos.  He will be holding an art exhibition on March 6 and has asked me to sing/play my ukulele at it.  So I said, yeah of course, no prob, I can play stuff like “Memory” and “Ave Maria” to which said “oh, no no no.  I want something original, mystical, improvised”, to which I said “whoa! I can’t do that!”  “I think you can”, he replied, “give it a try”.  Well, here’s my first attempt.  I’m not going to win any Grammy or Brit awards for my effort, but hey, this was a first shot.  I’m sure even Lennon was a bit embarrassed of his early Beatles work…

So here’s a hearty thank you to all the people that have pushed me in their time, that have made me go beyond my limits, that have made me realise that the limits are there only to be overcome…

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