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“The best things in life are unexpected – because there were no expectations.” Eli Khamarov

Posted by on Nov 12, 2010

When Druyd and I have concerts, I often ask myself: is it easier to perform in front of strangers or people I know?  To a big audience or a small one? I’m still out as to the answers to those questions because sometimes the energy exerted by a small audience overrides the energy exerted by a large audience. And in some cases, strangers give you more support than the people you know.

Tomorrow I’m going to hold my first singing workshop in Zagreb and have absolutely no idea as to what to expect.  I don’t even know how many people are coming.  Some people confirmed and then told me they couldn’t come for this or that reason, some said that they might come but haven’t confirmed yet.  And maybe things are best that way.  And to have absolutely no expectations. And who knows what can happen…

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