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“Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.” – Buddha

Posted by on Sij 7, 2011

Mary Crnkovic Pilas - knitter and singer

It’s been quite a hectic period of late.  From school holidays to Christmas to New Year’s to Epiphany, it’s been a non-stop roller coaster ride from one event to another.  Yesterday was a particularly bustling day…

It all began with a TV appearance I made on “Good Morning Croatia” where I promoted my knitting workshop.  All went well – I talked about my knitting, a little about singing and knitted away with the show’s host, Marina Medved Pulić.  But even before the segment was over, the phone rang non-stop for the next 4 hours which is something that we, the inhabitants of Planet Mary, are not accustomed to.  I usually get between 0 and 1 phone call a day.  So now, the workshop is not only full but packed to the rafters and I am considering giving an extra workshop.

After the phone stopped ringing and I finally did all the shopping, cooked lunch, cleaned up and put the little ones to sleep, it was time to go to IDEM, a support group for children with ADHD and their parents.  My husband and I go there on a regular basis to talk with the counsellors and to learn as much as possible as to how to help, and cope with, our son who has ADHD.   And I have to say it does help to know that no, we are not bad parents and no, we are not alone.

Then it was homeward bound to give the little ones their supper and give a singing lesson.  After all the hustle and bustle of the day, I didn’t know whether I would be able to muster the strength.  But, in the words of Queen, the show must go on.  And so, my dear pupil R. rang the doorbell and came upstairs.  I sat at the piano and started playing while she sang her exercises.  But while R. sang her exercises, I closed my eyes and sang along with her too, but inside myself.  And even though I wasn’t “physically” singing, I felt as though I was, as though R. was my medium.  And all the exhaustion and stress and chaos of the day disappeared.  And in its place came a feeling of serenity and contentment.  That everything is just as it should be and that I am where I should be.

So, although the television people designated me a “knitter and singer” and I plan to give more knitting workshops, promote it as a hobby and continue doing it, please remember that I am a singer first and foremost, it is my world and my universe.

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