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10 reasons why I’ll miss Sinisa Pacic

Posted by on Sep 5, 2013

    1. I won’t be able to have a beer with him – Siniša was the person responsible for my beer addiction.  That is to say, he made me appreciate beer which I never had.   I’d always hated beer, it was too bitter for me.  I’d tried Ozujsko or Karlovacko several times trying to convince myself to be more inclined to beer but it just wasn’t working.  So one day after work he says “let’s go have a beer.”  “You know I hate beer”, I replied.  But he insisted and I eventually caved in.  He ordered two Stellas – a large one for himself, a small one for me.  I grimaced and had a taste.  Needless to say, beer has been my drink of choice ever since.
    2. I won’t be able to have chevapi with him – well, I wouldn’t have chevapi anyway, being a vegetarian, but I’m always prone to a bit of lepinja (turkish bread) with onions and sour cream.  But in the day when I wasn’t a vegetarian and when there was the occasional time where we’d be able to take a break from work, we’d escape to the best chevapi places in town, stinking the whole office out upon our return :)
    3. He won’t be able to tell me about his crazy adventures in the sky and under the water – Siniša was a passionate pilot and would spend hours talking about his adventures up in the sky.  He later also took up scuba diving and also had some screwball adventures under the sea.  I was always on the edge of my seat when he started talking about his escapades.  The one and only comfort I take in his untimely death was that he died doing something that he truly loved and felt passionate about.
    4. He won’t be able to take me on rides on his BMW motorbike – truth be told, he wouldn’t be able to take me for rides in the foreseeable future anyway because he sold his bike a while ago to pay for his student loans (getting a pilot’s license is an expensive business).  But I know that once all his loans were paid off, the first thing on his check list would be a new motor bike, preferably a BMW.
    5. I won’t be able to listen to his voice - Siniša was a tall guy who had a deep voice of epic proportions, a Leonard Cohen/Nick Cave kind of voice that would leave you reeling.  I wish I could have given him singing lessons, he would have been brilliant.
    6. I won’t be able to hear stories about the Nestle gang - no offense to other companies I’ve worked with in the past, but Nestle was by far my favourite “corporate” company that I’ve worked with.  No regrets on leaving, but it was nice to hear what the old gang was up to whenever we saw eachother.
    7. I won’t be able to laugh with him - Siniša had an amazing sense of humour, pranking around with everyone, me included!  Sarcasm was his third language (after Croatian and English) and he could make everyone laugh for hours on end.
    8. I won’t be able to visit him or he me – I don’t have many people who come and visit me or I them, maybe just a handful of people.  Siniša was one of those handful of people who I let into my home and heart.  Upon his death, I even bought two Stellas and had a beer and a chat with him at my table, putting his beer at the side of the table where he always sat…
    9. I won’t be able to watch new videos of his aerial acrobatics or underwater adventures – I love adventure and new horizons and always watched Siniša’s videos with avid interest.  This was the last video he shot of his adventures in the sky, ironically, flying the same airplane that he flew to his death:

10. He was an all round fantastic guy who I loved very much and could tell anything to without being judged, mocked or ridiculed – I could tell Siniša anything in trust, as he could to me, without feeling “stupid”, including my dream of becoming a singer which not a lot of people (my husband included) could understand at the time.

He will be deeply missed for many many more reasons, too many to count.  Rest in peace, dear friend, we’ll see each other up in the clouds and stars one day…until then, happy flying…this one’s for you…

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