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Silvija K.

Mary is a great, patient and very positive person.  I couldn’t have chosen a better knitting teacher!  I decided upon Mary when I saw her knitting in the middle of a concert, while singing with the sweetest voice.


The singing workshop was very inspirational and interesting.  My “fear” of singing completely disappeared, and I now sing with a smile and with pleasure!  I recommend this workshop to everyone … Mary will make you sing more freely and openly!

Tamara I. O.

It was fun and educational, and I liked the fact that I had to overcome my fear of singing in front of someone.  I think the exercises are really good.

Ema O. (14)

It’s really interesting learning English with Mary, much more so than in school.

Irina J.

Besides being a great person, Mary is an inspirational teacher who passes on her wide knowledge in a simple and straightforward manner … thank you Mary for all our pleasant lessons, I feel lucky knowing you!

Davor P.

We use the services of a native English speaker because we know that, besides the high quality of her written texts, we also get the freshness of a living language.

Erika K.

Mary is my secret literary helper… I especially appreciate her comments and suggestions, for she is, after all, an artist, and has a great feel for flow and melody of words.

Sanja B.

Working with Mary is always a pleasure as she is very patient, warm and full of encouragement and has a wide knowledge from many fields.  Meeting and working with Mary is truly a treasure.


As a person who needs lots of patience when it comes to singing lessons, I got exactly that – complete acceptance, patience and effort, a tailor-made approach for a person such as myself.  That’s rare these days.

Nina R.

As a teacher, Mary is very professional, patient, encouraging and I feel that I have, with her advice, made a lot of progress.

Ana M. L.

Singing with Mary is incredibly easy!  Attending the Werbeck singing workshop and then later the choir have, during the last few months, given me wonderful experiences… singing with Mary – priceless!

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