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Posted by on Pro 23, 2010

Love and thanks

Yesterday I attended my daughter’s end of year school paegent.  It was altogether an interesting experience because, as it is quite a small school, the parents were divded into groups and each group saw each class’ performance in different areas of the school.  It was “moveable theatre”, you might say.   Besides my daughter’s performance, another one struck a very deep chord with me.  It was a presentation of Masaru Emoto’s book “The Hidden Messages in Water”.  This book is very special to me and I’ll tell you why…

A few years ago, I received a PowerPoint presentation from a friend.  In it were photographs of various water crystals.  Some were of water that had Bach or rock music played to them, some that had the words “love” or “thank you” taped to the container, while others were of water that had the words “hate” or “you’re stupid” taped to them.  The differences between the “positive” and “negative” were astounding – one crystal beautiful and perfectly shaped, the other ugly and deformed.

I decided there and then that I had to track down this book.  And did.  And read it from cover to cover in one sitting.  And was amazed by it.  But it was one sentance in the book that completely struck me:

If you express your intentions, the realisation of those intentions will follow.

It was around Christmas time that I read the book and I went out on my balcony and said: “Universe, please let me sing for a living”.  And just by expressing my intentions, the realisation of those intentions very shortly after followed.  I met Du, I recorded a track on his CD, I began singing in Druyd, I began doing concerts, I recorded an entire CD with Druyd, I began teaching singing, I began doing workshops.  And as you can see, I now sing for a living.

So if you too believe in the power of words, go out by yourself on your balcony or anywhere outdoors, and express your deepest intentions.  And who knows – maybe somewhere across the universe, it will listen…

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