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‘Cause I’m a Gleek, baby

Posted by on Srp 25, 2011

It's not something that I'm proud of, quite the contrary actually. I'm a Gleek.

I’ve got a confession to make.  It’s not something that I’m proud of, quite the contrary actually.  It’s not really in line with my usual fluff bunny attitude about things.  So I’ll understand if you want to hang me up from the highest tree or shoot me against the nearest wall.  Ah well.  Here goes.  Deep breath.  I’m a Gleek.

As far as I remember, before people are sentenced to death they’re side of the case is heard out.  So let me state mine as to why I have become a Gleek of late:

1.  Any show that promotes singing and choirs has my vote of approval: despite the fact that most of the songs have been “manipulated” in some way or another, I think the fact that the show is all about a group of kids singing has two thumbs up from me, especially if it inspires others to start a glee club of their own.

2.  The show gives younger generations a good musical education: from Lulu to The Doors to AC/DC to Queen to Beck to Les Miserables kids are listening to some fantastic music that they probably would never listen to had Glee not done covers of their songs.  My 9 year old daughter is starting to learn Bohemian Rhapsody!  Let me state, however, that Lady Gaga is not included in this equation…

3.  The show reminds us that anyone can sing: you can be gay, in a wheelchair, pregnant, black, white, Jewish, a jock, and YOU CAN SING!

4.  The show brings back lots of memories: hands up if you were a freak at school.  I see a lot of hands out there…so was I.  This show reminds us that you can be a freak but music saves :)

Well, that’s pretty much my case…yeah I know, soy un perdedor, I’m a loser baby, so why don’t you kill me?

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