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Dreaming ties all mankind together – Jack Kerouac

Posted by on May 16, 2011

All the dreams he should have had came to me...

I haven’t dreamed for the past 4 days.  Which was not the case about a week ago.  Every night, from Sunday until Wednesday, I dreamed each and every night.  I don’t normally remember what I dream about but for these 5 days, the situation was very different.  You see, my husband was in Santiago de Compostella from Sunday to Wednesday…

I don’t know if you know about this magical city and its significance.  The definition you’ll normally find in the encyclopaedia is that it is the capital city of Galicia, Spain and the destination city on the pilgrimage route called the Way of St. James, named after the saint whose remains are in the city’s cathedral.  But this city, and this route, are far more significant than just that…

Before my husband left for Spain, I read Shirley Maclaine’s “The Camino: A Journey of the Spirit” and was totally blown away by it.  From her descriptions of meetings with fellow travelers to her dreams and visions of past lives, so far back that she saw her first incarnation, I knew this was a special place that I too would one day have to visit.

But what about the dreams you ask?  They say that when one is on The Camino, one gets visions and has dreams because of the amazing cosmic energy both above and below the ground.  The Camino was an ancient Roman trade route and was nicknamed The Milky Way as it was situated exactly below the constellation.  Below, it is situated on very powerful ley lines.  So you can imagine the overwhelming cosmic energy…and the dreams…I cannot begin to even describe the dreams I had, from a vision telling me to lose 3 kilograms of weight (LOL! I even went out and bought an anti-cellulite cream the same day!) to talking to THE Eckhart Tolle about how I have to start living in the now before it’s too late, there are just too many to describe.

I’ve always believed in the significance of dreams and it seems I’m not the only one.  From Joseph of the old testament to artists such as Paul McCartney, Mary Shelley and Giuseppe Tartini finding inspiration for their well known works in dreams to Lincoln actually dreaming of his own assassination, many people’s lives have been carved in this curious land. I guess because of my “belief” in this parallel universe, the dreams that perhaps my husband should have dreamed mysteriously came to me. So I wasn’t on the Camino, but then again, was…it was like Eckhart told me – we are all of us connected and there is much more than this physical universe we see…

Another thing they say about The Camino is that you meet various people and soul mates from past lives there and that lovemaking is offered but it is up to the person whether they want to partake in this or not.  Hmmm, dreams, visions, past lives, soul mates, lovemaking.  Get me on the next plane please… :)

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