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BlackMary Singing Workshop

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  • When? 18.03.2017
  • At what time? 14:00 - 17:00
  • Where? Centar za kulturu prehrane (Biotechnicon)
  • Address: Nazorova 18, Zagreb
  • Price? 150 kn
  • Apply

singingDo you like to meet new people, relax, work on yourself and your health?  Come to the upcoming BlackMary singing workshop and…

Find out how:

  • singing makes us feel happier and more fulfilled (see the following sites: How Singing Improves Your Health and Sound/Cellular Research
  • there are only two prerequisites to singing – the ability to talk and hear.  If a person can talk and hear themselves and others, they can sing, despite what you or others keep telling yourself!
  • the voice is not only a material being, made up of the throat, larynx, etc., but much much more
  • our whole body is an instrument and our voice a medium for “capturing” tones
  • quite often, not only does one find one’s own voice through singing, but one’s real being.

A short description of the workshop:

2pm – 5pm (with a short break in between)

  • short introduction
  • singing exercises from sound therapy, yoga, the Werbeck method, Classical method and traditional music methods(60 min)
  • choral singing (the remainder of the time)

Applications:  by the 17th March, 2017

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