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Fake plastic singing

Posted by on Lip 23, 2011

Just call me the singing machine.

School holidays are in full swing here in the Northern hemisphere and at our house, that means that the TV has been on almost non-stop.  And that usually means one of two channels has been blaring in the lounge room – either Disney or Nick Jnr.  And that means fake plastic singers, as I like to call them, have been bellowing out of the TV screen intermittently between shows .  Harmonisers, reverb, auto tune, equalisers  – you name it, these singers have got it on their voices.  And it has been most annoying listening to them…

Most annoyingly however, it reminded me of what I’ve been doing in Druyd recently, that is, trying to find my “sound”.  The latest discovery has been the harmoniser, to give my voice more “depth”, as if there were two or more BlackMarys singing, and not just one.  You can call me the singing machine if you like.  And it made me think about how annoying people might find me and my voice.  Or more precisely, how annoying I find myself.  I’ve never been one that’s been into fake anything, from Gucci shoes to Laduree macarons, I either had the real thing or I didn’t have it at all.

And now I find myself in a dilemma.  Should I keep experimenting in this process and take the fake plastic singer road?  I mean, honestly, if you’re a purist, anyone who is on YouTube is a fake plastic singer.  Anyone, ANYONE who is recorded has gone through a mike, through speakers, through a computer, sometimes their voices manipulated almost to the point of being unidentifiable.  In fact, some of my favourite singers actually make a point of using a plethora of sound effects, from Bjork to Thom Yorke, and sound fantastic.

Maybe I wouldn’t even be making such a fuss had I not sung at my niece’s wedding a couple of weeks ago.  But hearing my voice with no effects in that acoustically perfect surrounding made me think – isn’t this what it’s all about?  No mikes, no speakers, no mixing tables, just the pureness of the human voice, isn’t that the point?  I wonder what Werbeck would say…

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