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Feels like heaven

Posted by on Sij 23, 2013

You are loved and cherished. You have nothing to fear. There is nothing you can do wrong.

When my dad passed away my mum told me of something that had happened to her…

During the last 18 months of my dad’s battle with cancer, my mum had the habit of taking an afternoon nap because she was so worn out and needed a break.  This is not surprising given the fact that the hospital where my dad stayed was at least half an hour each way by public transport not including walking from the station to there and she would visit him twice a day – once in the morning and once in the afternoon with me when I came home from school.  She also prepared meals to take to him as well as our own meals, did all the housework, looked after me and then some.

When he succumbed to his battle and left this life, she continued taking her afternoon naps as usual, feeling as though she had lost a battle too.  One day, just after the funeral, it was, for a change, incredibly quiet after the hustle and bustle of making dad’s funeral preparations and then having to go through it all.  She always took a nap on an old sofa that they had bought when they first moved into the house, the sofa that my dad, during his better days when he was able to be at home, also slept on.  Sometimes his slumber was peaceful and you could hear him snoring from the other side of the house.  Other times, it was less than peaceful with my mum doing all-night vigils trying to lower his fever and calm his upset stomach (he had stomach cancer).

So there she was on this tranquil autumn day, resting on the sofa as she always did, not asleep but almost, when she heard a faint wind blowing, a slight breeze, even though there was no wind blowing outside.  And she felt the breeze touch her face, akin to a hand and man’s voice say “hvala!” (“thank you” in Croatian).  She immediately opened her eyes but there was nothing there, just the peaceful afternoon.  But she knew what had happened, that my dad had visited her and said his, for this life, final thank you and goodbye.

Some time later she also had a dream where she and my aunt were crying over dad’s coffin in the grave, the coffin brimming with water from their tears.  All of a sudden the coffin ascended up into the air, the water all flowed out and my dad sat up, smiling an enormous smile, waved to them both down below as he went up into the clouds.

I have never for a second doubted these stories or thought that mum was just “imagining things”.  Even though I’ve never had such vivid visions myself, I have had “feelings”, intuition you might say, about other worlds and beings out there beside ours.  I regularly ask my dad and step dad, as well as wood beings, for assistance and always sense I receive it.  And just having finished “Proof of Heaven”, written by a neurosurgeon who had gone to the other world and came back, I am now more than convinced.  Or, in the words of one reviewer of the book “Many of the points the Dr makes were theories that I have personally had for years but couldn’t put words to…I am not sure why but I am certain there is a deep truth to what this Dr experienced.”

Most probably, there will be skeptics out there.  And that is completely fine.  The author of the book was one too.  If something could not be scientifically proven, for him it quite simply did not exist.  But that’s one of the major points of this book – that there are things out there that cannot be scientifically proven but do exist, the spiritual, consious side of us and the universe.  We live in an age where we have lost site of this and need to reconnect with this side because we can have heaven on earth if we want to…

There are so many many facets of this book that I love – from the author’s initial skepticism to the overwhelming all-sensory (yes, the angels were singing!) beauty of the beyond to other peoples’ stories of NDE’s (including a dream akin to my mum’s, saying that everything was ok) – but the part I love best is the message he received from his angel guide (who turned out to be his deceased sister whom he never knew), something that we should always keep in mind whether we choose to believe in life after life or not:

You are loved and cherished.

You have nothing to fear.

There is nothing you can do wrong.


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