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Hungry like the wolf

Posted by on Pro 1, 2011

In a word, he would do anything to be free.

A while ago now, almost 2 years ago actually, I quit my job at the firm and officially became “unemployed”. I was provided with a consultant at the unemployment office whose job would be try to help me find a job. However, I openly informed him that I didn’t want to find a job, not a regular one anyway, but rather start my own business. So he sent me to a course for first time start up companies. I suggested that my friend Davor come along too so one morning last year, we packed our pens and notebooks and went to our course.

The director of the company, an economist who was (I think) close to retirement age, gave us an introductory speech. In it he told us a story about some animals at a zoo…

There was once a zoo full of all the animals you could imagine. Lions, elephants, bears, birds of all shapes and sizes, all kinds of animals. After having been locked up for so long they decided to escape. So they planned their escape for some time and one night managed to do it. They wandered the streets of the city the whole night, reveling in their new found freedom. However, near morning, they began to feel hungry and tired as they could find no shelter. So after much wandering, they made their way back to the zoo, back to the comfort of their cages, where food awaited them every day…

The only animal who did not return to the zoo was the wolf. For the wolf could not wait to be free. Although he felt hungry, he knew he would eventually find food. He was tired but knew if he kept wandering he would surely find somewhere comfortable to lay his bones. He would bare anything just to feel the grass beneath his feet, to see a clear world without metal wires, to eat food he himself had not hunted and not been handed. In a word, he would do anything to be free.

And such is way of the self employed person at a small start up company.  We do sometimes go hungry and wonder where our next meal is coming from.  We do wish to be in the comfort of a warm office and steady job and income.  But we would also bare anything for the chance to be free, not be slave to any master, just like the wolf…

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