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My heart’s in the highlands, part II

Posted by on Jul 19, 2011

Although it may be difficult and winding at times, the path is leading you in the right direction - towards the sun.

I went mountain climbing on Sljeme again.  But this time with a group of people whom I had never met before (besides my dear, dear friend Davor) and a twist.  Our lovely guide, Boris Pecigos of Carobna Suma, gathers a group of people every Sunday to go mountain climbing in various parts of the Zagreb area and here’s the twist – before beginning the trek, each person has to pick a card from a deck of zen tarot cards to see what they have to contemplate about while trekking.   There are 79 cards meaning 79 different possibilities for contemplation.  And of all the 79 cards, I chose one which has had great significance for me at this time – travelling.

Boris explained that this card means that the road you are travelling on, even though you cannot see the journey’s end or goal (it is covered in fog) and although it may be difficult and winding at times, is leading you in the right direction – towards the sun.

Why is this card of such significance to me at this time, you ask?  Well, the demons and minotaurs have been at my door again (but I must say, they have been away for a very long time!) – and I have been having doubts about whether the path I have chosen in life is the right one for me.  That is, whether I should be singing as a career or not.  Because, materially, things have not really being going so well.

Last weekend, I was also reminded about my journey in life when I walked through a labyrinth at Beli on Cres.  The labyrinth lasts for 40 minutes and our dear guide Bonk said that there will come a point in the labyrinth when we will feel as though we have gone the wrong way, as though we’ve taken a wrong turn, and have an urge to go back and get out of the labyrinth.  This, he said, is just the minotaur within us and we should not listen to him but just keep going.

It is interesting to note that every time the demons and minotaurs come visiting, the cosmos sends a messenger telling them kindly to bugger off, from the card on Sljeme to messages from complete strangers telling me how I’ve influenced them.  So I’ve decided not to listen to the minotaurs within, to just keep going whatever they may say to the contrary.  Because despite material hardships, deep inside I feel that this path is truly leading me to the sun.

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