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My heart’s in the highlands

Posted by on Lip 27, 2011

It's difficult but possible.

I went hiking with my husband on Sljeme on Sunday, a mountain just outside Zagreb.  And as is often the case, I was reminded to assume nothing.  I had assumed that we would take a leisurely stroll for an hour or so, have something to eat and a beer or two and go home to take a nap and then do some work – he on his computer, me at my piano.  But like I said – ASSUME NOTHING!

You see, what had started as a leisurely stroll ended up a treacherous walk up a steep canyon, hubby falling twice and gashing his cheek and hurting his knee.  And instead of walking an hour or so we walked for five hours.   But like I remembered not to assume anything, I was also reminded that there is great pleasure in the unexpected.  Honestly, had I known what awaited me, I don’t know if I would have gone.

But had I not gone, I wouldn’t have found my new best friend  – a walking stick, also known as a magic wand, that found me and without whom I don’t know if I would have made it home alive.  I wouldn’t have been accompanied by a butterfly on my arm for part of the way.  I wouldn’t have felt the true power of now in that canyon when my mind was void of all thought except where the hell do I put my foot NOW.  I wouldn’t have had the most fantastic beer that I’ve ever had my life.  Actually, make that two of the most fantastic beers :)

As my dear cosmic bro Du would say, it’s difficult but possible.  But how much do we fear the difficulty?  And how much do we desire the possibility?  Does our desire of possibility override our fear of difficulty or the other way round?  I don’t know..all I do know is that sometimes not knowing the difficulty can be a good thing…

PS You can read Robbie Burns’ beautiful My heart’s in the highlands here and hear how Arvo Part has set it breathtakingly to music here

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