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profile-picBorn in Australia, I had always wanted to pursue a career in music. After completing my Bachelor of Arts majoring in Music and French, I moved to Croatia in 1992 and worked in various corporations.

Several years ago I decided to return to my one true love, music, and began learning the Werbeck singing method and embarked on the journey of discovering my true voice. I also started to discover myself and my true dreams and received the strength to make the decision to become a full time musician and teacher. As singing is a lifelong journey full of discoveries, I slowly started to incorporate other methods and practices into my daily singing routine, from yoga to the classical appoggio to the Alexander technique, which have further enhanced my technique and singing style. Whichever discoveries I feel are beneficial for me, I gladly share with others and use them in my teaching method, both individually and in groups.

Besides teaching singing, I also sing in Druyd, have a choir, busk worldwide to the accompaniment of my trusty Mya-Myrtle, as well as teach knitting and English.   You can contact me here and see about upcoming events at my home page.

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