Obogatite svoj život

These are the dreams I’ll dream instead (from “Why” by Annie Lennox)

Posted by on Tra 9, 2011

I couldn’t sleep tonight. It’s not an unusual occurrence for me. I’ve been having bouts of insomnia for quite some time now. So tonight I decided to take a walk around my suburb at midnight. I love the silence of the early morning and late night. They are sometimes the only times of the day when I get a chance to get things done, to catch my breath, to hear my thoughts. So dressed in my pajama with just a hoodie to keep me warm, I ventured out into the cool night.

And as I walked around I encountered no one, not a car, not a person, just one black cat (how appropriate!) The walk did not induce sleep but it did induce thoughts. Thoughts such as “what is everyone doing in the still of the night?” and the question my dear friend Du asked on Facebook, which I have already discussed in a previous blog: If your life ended now and the big fella asked you “what was it like?”, what would you answer? My answer at that moment, walking around, was “don’t ask!!!”

So I got home and as the walk didn’t induce sleep, I turned my computer on and started my usual ritual: look at my emails, look at Facebook, look at YouTube. I listened randomly to some fantastic singers: Roberta Flack, Annie Lennox, Tracy Chapman, Tori Amos. And even though what they were singing was in the conventional sense quite bleak and depressing, it had the opposite effect on me and I felt much better. Because I realised, when all else fails there’s still music, there’s still singing. The Titanic may have been sinking but the string quartet played on…and so shall I…

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