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You better get yourself together, Pretty soon you’re gonna be dead – John Lennon, “Instant Karma”

Posted by on Vel 1, 2011

What if you could attend your own funeral?

My friend posed a very interesting question on Facebook today – would you prefer to travel back in time so you could change something or into the future where you would no longer care? There were a couple of pretty interesting answers, but the most interesting one was this: go 50 years into the future when you’re no longer alive and live a paradox, you are but are no longer.

And that got me thinking. What if you could sit in your little time machine and attend your own funeral? I mean, yeah, obviously you attend it – you’re the star attraction! But what if you could listen to the eulogy, watch them throw handfuls of dirt on your coffin, see them crying into their handkerchiefs? How would you feel, being alive but dead, being there but not, seeing it all without saying a word?

And that brought me to another question, one that my dear friend Du posed on Facebook last year: “Imagine you were woken up from the dream of life. NOW. You find yourself somewhere in the middle of Kosmos (nowhere). Suddenly, all your life history just a long long dream. And “they” asked you: So? What was it like? What would you reply?”

And I asked myself, what would I reply? I think I could say the following: man, it was a really fantastic trip, I met some wonderful people and had an amazing time. Some times were easier, some times tough, but overall I enjoyed it. I’m glad it wasn’t too late that I managed to fulfill some lifelong dreams because with the help of some dear friends I realised, if not now, when? Thanks for giving me the chance to live. Now, let’s go to the next level and really learn how to fly!

So, what would you reply?

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